Me First

Meditation isn't an escape. We meditate so as to face ourselves, to develop the skills necessary to be aware of and change our own behavior so as to cause less suffering to ourselves and others. The first step is coming to terms with the fact that we have work to do on ourself. For whatever reason it's very difficult to admit, so instead of looking inward at ourselves, we tend to look outward toward others.

It's so easy to point fingers at others, at what they have done and left undone. But while we're really good at pointing out their problems, we struggle with arriving at solutions. The reason being the only person we actually have any ability to change is ourself. Even if we encourage or inspire someone else to change, ultimately it is they themselves that make that change. They may make use of the inspiration to change themselves, but we cannot and do not change other people.

Therefore, if your desire is indeed to change the world, then we must first change ourselves, and then not only inspire other people to change, but can also show them the way.