Comforting Karma

When we aim to be kind, and are successfully operating out of that kindness, with a genuine wish to uplift everyone that we meet, the gentle waves we leave in our wake can be felt, appreciated, and remembered by others.  In as much, we begin to co-create comfortable, friendly environments wherever we go.  I call this creating comforting karma.

Human beings tend to want to stand out in some way or another, to be known, to be remembered.  Some want to be sexy, others want to be perceived as tough, some desire being seen as "crazy",  others as indifferent, and so on and so forth. Sometimes we identify with how we want to be perceived so much so that we view another person's tendencies as unique to them.  In other words, we mistakenly conclude "this is the way I am, and that is the way you are", when in fact we're able to choose our own tendencies.  So wonderful that we're able, as this ability allows us to change our personality however we see fit.

When we move through the world in such a way that we're not creating rifts and divides between ourselves others, but rather make others feel comfortable in our presence, we first enjoy the fruits of being in this calm, clear, kind mind, and then enjoy a second wave of comfort as we're being received by others.  

The question, then, is if we have the choice, why would we choose otherwise?

Just be kind.