Tis the Season

Tis the season!...

...for striving relentlessly to meet the cultural standards and self made expectations of creating the absolute perfect holiday.

Gifts are being bought and wrapped, cards are written and sent, perfectly placed decorations abound, delicious meals and social gatherings are planned, the cookie plate is in order...but how is our mind? Is it peaceful? Is it joyful?

It's cliche to say, but the journey is just as important as the destination. If we're completely stressed throughout the process, how likely is it that we'll be relaxed when the day actually comes? We might liken it to running a long race and then expecting our heart to return to its resting rate the moment we cross the finish line; it doesn't happen. Similarly, our mind takes time to unwind, and more time the tighter we're wound.

For that reason, we can make time each day to just sit and breathe, letting go of thoughts and stored up tension in the body, allowing for some time to relax and simply be. Afterward, we can still see what needs done, but plan better with a clearer mind, and, because we're not so tight and rigid, can adapt and adjust when things might not go the way we had wished. 

Ultimately, our peaceful and joyful presence is the best present we can share with anyone. So please, make some time for you each day, so that you can deeply enjoy each step in the celebration of these beautiful holidays.