Mind Remodel

I recently moved into a new apartment.  I find myself investing a lot of time, energy, and resources into making the space comfortable, aiming to shape the space into a place I enjoy being.

I've come to view the mind similarly.

For the rest of this life, we will abide in this mind.  We can't move out, but we can remodel. So if it's not comfortable, if it's not beautiful, lovely, or peaceful, we can invest time, energy, and resources into shaping it into a place we'd much rather enjoy being.

Through meditation, over time we can move from residing in an unpleasant mind, to residing within a bright, beautiful, cheery mind.


By strengthening our faculty of mindfulness, we're quicker to become aware of when the mind wanders off and where it wanders off to.  By strengthening our faculty of concentration, we develop staying power, the ability to keep the mind focused on where we want it to be.  So we use mindfulness to be aware of where the mind wants to go, and concentration to keep it where we want it. 

Using these 2 skills together, we can shape our mind into the space in which we want to live, decorated in beautiful thoughts of loving kindness.