On Not Aiming to Clear the Mind

It's commonly thought that in order to meditate one must clear their mind.  The misconception is that we sit down, close our eyes, and then suddenly stop all thought.

Not very likely going to happen.

Instead of aiming to clear the mind of all thought, we aim to become increasingly more interested in the breath, allowing the breath to become more and more comfortable, more and more pleasant, more and more enjoyable.  

Breathing is our most fundamental nature.  Consider that when we strip away all earthly responsibilities, concerns, and worries, all we're left with is the simplicity of breathing.  

Breathing in, breathing out...what a relief.  

The better acquainted we become with the process of breathing, finding the breath that brings most comfort to the body in a given moment, the more at ease we become, and the easier it becomes for the mind to rest.

Perhaps then, one might find the mind temporarily free of thought, but it was never the aim, simply a byproduct of the practice.

So, please, don't try to clear the mind, just follow the breath and see where that leads.