I'd Rather Be _______.

Growing up I'd see bumper stickers and tee shirts adorned with different playful phrases expressing what one would rather be doing.  It was in recent years that I thought "I'd rather not be thinking about what I'd rather be doing".


When we watch the mind we see that it remains perpetually unsatisfied.  So, so fickle, rarely if ever accepting situations as they are, instead always ruminating over how we would prefer a situation to be, this untamed mind remains ever restless. Rather than accept conditions as they are, whether the weather, a meal, a movie, a job, a trip, etc...we're constantly being drawn into imagining how essentially everything we encounter could or should be improved upon. 

In other words, we perceive the present moment as never being good enough, and escape from reality by wandering into and abiding in our imagination.

This habit of escapism foments a general sense of discontent, a habit that will never allow for lasting happiness.

Introduce body scan meditation, a practice that helps cultivate sooo many different qualities/skills, not the least of which is the gradual training of the mind to become aware of and accept our experiences as they are.

If we feel an itch, we accept the itch and allow it to be.  If we feel heat, we accept the heat and allow it to be.  If we feel a tingle, we accept the tingle and allow it to be. Unreactive, patiently and persistently, without prejudice, we move part by part throughout the entire body, experiencing and accepting sensations as they are, not imagining how we'd prefer them to be.

Applying this skill of to life in general, as we face the unavoidably uncertain unfolding of our lives, it's through this unconditional acceptance that we come to live with a much greater sense of calm, peace, and ease, contented in the here and now.