See the Change

Seasons, weather, landscapes,  
mind, body, state of being,
technology, personalities,
menus, fashion, music,
oceans, rivers, cities...
all things change, 
some gradually, 
some abruptly.

It's a law of nature.
And what a blessing!

Can you imagine if you were the same being today,
as you were in high school?

Or if moods were immalleable?!
In regard to meditation, 
as a means to cultivate more confidence,
and measure the benefits of our practice,
to see the change,
let's try "checking in" just prior,
taking note, objectively,
how we feel in this moment,
right here, right now.

Then check in again,
at a point or points throughout the practice,
and definitely one last time at the end.

If there has been a change in our state of being,
if we're feeling a greater sense of calm, peace, and ease,
then we have successfully demonstrated to ourselves
the efficacy of the practice.

This demonstration leads to the motivation
that keeps us coming back to the cushion.