Vacation is a State of Mind

Ever get to where you're going only to find that you have a difficult time enjoying where you are on account of your mind being drawn into drama thinking of somewhere else?  Or, despite circumstances proportionally and continually being more favorable, find yourself fixated on the less favorable moments?  An untamed mind can bring us down from the most favorable of circumstances.  In this way we can still suffer in the most beautiful corners of the world.

It's hard to say why exactly, though through observation one can see that human beings delight in being entertained by drama.  Just look at all forms of media, from the lyrical content of most poetry and songs, to books, screenplays, and film, we are consistently and constantly drawn to drama. The question arises; does our propensity for seeking drama stop at the end of the song, the end of the chapter, or at the end of the show?  Or does it persist as a result of our minds being entrained to entertain such thoughts as a means of enjoyment?  

Have we confused drama with enjoyment?

Watch, when you go to speak, for the tendency to share the worst thing that has happened.  We can see if we're cherry picking and sharing the worst events of our day/week/month/year/life.  If we are, it begs the question; if we're so ready and quick to share what's the worst, how much time do we actually allocate to focusing on, appreciating, and sharing what's going good?

Through the practice of meditation, we strengthen our skill to keep the mind present, focusing on that which is directly in front of us, whether it be an ocean, a mountain, a forest, a desert, or a city, we are here. And just as we sit with the intent to focus then find the mind wandering off into places we never intended to go, we catch when our minds grasping at the negative, keeping us from enjoying what's going good.  We can then, as a means to redirect our stream of thoughts, intentionally guide the mind to consider, reflect on, and be grateful for the good things. Every time we do so we encourage a positive stream of thought, and with every repetition, we reinforce the habit of focusing on what's good.

In this way, whether traveling thousands of miles around the globe, or within our own homes, we cultivate a state of mind in which we find beauty, comfort, and ease.